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For approximate training content, please see the first 38 slides (there are more than 200 slides in total) and TOC from the corresponding Memory Thinking book.

July 25 - 31 2024 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (GMT+1) Price 99 USD Registration

Solid C and C++ knowledge is a must to fully understand Linux diagnostic artifacts such as core dumps and do diagnostic, forensic, and root cause analysis beyond listing backtraces. Accelerated C and C++ for Linux Software Diagnostics training reviews memory-related topics from the perspective of software structure and behavior analysis and teaches C and C++ languages in parallel while demonstrating relevant code internals using GDB:

  • a tour of relevant language(s) constructs - classic/legacy C++, C++11, and later standards including C++23
  • Linux specifics
  • pointers and references
  • memory layout of structures and objects
  • local, static, and dynamic memory
  • object lifecycle
  • templates and standard library
  • functions, function objects, and lambdas
  • compilation and linkage
  • multithreading and synchronization
  • bad and insecure code
  • … and much more

System programming on Linux using C and C++ is unthinkable without Linux API. To avoid repeating some topics and save time, the training includes the Accelerated Linux API for Software Diagnostics book as a follow-up or additional reference. A necessary x64 and ARM64 review for some topics is also included.

Before the training, you get the following:

After the training, you also get the following:

  • The new edition of the Memory Thinking PDF book with additional C and C++ examples
  • Personalized Certificate of Attendance with unique CID
  • The new recording

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If you are interested in Windows, there is another Windows C and C++ training available.